Admin or No Admin?

The decision has now come, do I change my name at the registry office from John to Admin or do I change my profile name on Debt Advice Resource… what would be easier?

Well, I am fond of the name Admin, however, my partner prefers John.

My kids could be confused when people start to call me Admin in the street and undoubtedly I will scar my children emotionally enough as they grow up. I could give them a couple more years.

Admin has an authority to it and John is rather “common”.

Decisions, Decisions.

Changing My Name…

This is the first blog I’ve ever written so I’m picking up the pieces as I go along. I’m learning that it takes preparation to find interesting commentary, it takes hard work to write and re-write articles and most importantly, setting your name correctly is essential.

For the past month I’ve been “Admin”, which is not very personal for somebody talking about an emotive and personal subject like consumer finance. So, let’s change it!

From now on, I’m changing my name to John the bankruptcy guy. It’s got a ring to it, don’t you think?

Rookie Mistake?

Setting my name as “Admin” was a simple error to make and one which I’d like to tell you was a mistake, but it wasn’t.

When I started the blog I was still embarrassed and didn’t like using my name. I realised it was a “catch-22”. How could I help people in a similar predicament if I still couldn’t get over my fear of people knowing who I was and worse still, that I was bankrupt?

My closest friends and family know I was bankrupt but I couldn’t tell work colleagues or distant relatives. I know the bankruptcy advice was the right solution, however, it doesn’t mean I was proud.

It will always remain one of the darkest days of my life.

Today’s the day

Today was a similar day to when I realised I needed to go bankrupt. I understood that I’m on a journey to becoming debt free; bankruptcy was just the start of the rebuilding process. Despite having been through bankruptcy I still live with the stigma and examine that period of my life over and over. It will never leave me and I will always feel I could have done more.

Today was the day I felt I could take the necessary step to change my details on the blog from Admin to John. In order to help other people become debt free I have to continue along my own personal debt journey and be bold enough to admit I made a mistake, but that it’s in the past and supporting people in the future is essential.

It’s a long journey both personally and financially to become debt free. I, like many, take it one day at a time.

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Hi, my name is John and I am the "Bankruptcy Guy". I'm commenting on how I see debt, credit and all things finance. I've learned through experience.

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