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My goal last week was to diversify my reading and find new finance blogs. I found some crackers which will be added to my regular reading lists!!

The overall objective of reading other people’s finance blogs is to

1. Enjoy the content

2. Learn about other techniques for writing

3. Find out what’s news

We can all learn from others and there are some incredible finance writers out there. I’m privileged to have read some incredibly well-written and honest pieces of literature. People who have experienced similar financial troubles to myself, through to people who have managed their money extremely well and into a lovely little nest egg.

Believe it or not, there are people who actually write on their finance blog full time and don’t have to work anymore. Well, not in the conventional sense of work.

Top Finance Articles This Week

Some of the top finance articles I read this week include,

1. A guest post on Well Kept Wallet detailed the top 4 smart phone apps to help people budget. I’m yet to try them out but definitely cool info. We take our phones everywhere with us, so it’s perfect for inserting a couple of digits into a budget sheet.

2. Finance Inspired wrote about credit cards for people with a bad credit history. It’s a common thought that credit isn’t available to people with debt problems, this isn’t true. You can get credit with debt problems or a bad credit history but remember, it’s likely to be more expensive (higher APR!).

3. Brick by Brick Investing explained about ways to invest in gold safely. If you’re a new comer to the investing market, gold is said to reach record levels in the next 10-15 years. A forecast suggests the price per ounce could double. The price recently fell, but that’s considered a small blip in what’s expected to be a worthwhile investment. Obviously, I’m not an investment expert so seek professional advice before investing.

4. A story which needs greater publicist is the pop culture and how it’s affecting the youth of today. The Frugal Model effortlessly writes about this social problem. I remember hearing Nicki Minaj saying in a song “I ain’t gonna pay ma rent”. Well Miss Minaj, may I remind you that your rent is a priority and if you’re going to “blow all my money and don’t give two sh%t$” I recommend you find alternative accommodation because you shall shortly be homeless.

Another four brilliant articles I read this month. When you see the effort people put into writing brilliant articles about finance it’s inspirational.

Thoroughly enjoyed all of these!




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