Deal With My Debt Collectors

Deal With My Debt Collectors

Debt collectors, bailiffs/ messengers at arms are some of the most frightening people when it comes to debt. I remember when they were coming to my door and I’d taken advice from a charity about how to deal with bailiffs and debt collectors. Despite knowing the facts, I was still very afraid. Like most people I felt ashamed and thought it was my fault so I deserved what I got. This plays into the mentality of the bailiff to bully people into a corner. If you knew the facts then it would make the process a lot easier How to […]

Debt & “The Final Straw”

Debt & "The Final Straw"

Debt doesn’t just happen. It grows over time and from the simplest of credit applications, you’re thrust into the adult consumer credit world. A credit card is a licence to spend and repay later. I’m surprised credit companies have not used the tagline “Enjoy now, life’s too short”. But becoming debt free isn’t as quick or easy as borrowing the money. There are a variety of stages that people go through before they are able to admit their problem is severe. The final straw is something everybody with serious debt problems experiences and they will remember it vividly. From friends […]