Debt Problems & Suicide

Sadly, it’s a common fact that people struggling with debt and money worries will consider, at some point, taking their own life. The feeling of disappointment, coupled with the compounding debt problem which seem like it will never resolve itself, can lead people to the opinion that the best route would be suicide. I can honestly say I felt the same way.

debt-problems-no-moneyUnemployed with a family and a mortgage I felt the world was over. It wasn’t until I came through the over side, I recognised how close I came to making a stupid mistake. I don’t think I would ever go through with it, but suicide definitely crossed my mind.

Suicide & Debt Problems

Every year in the UK the number of money related suicides is not recorded. The reason for suicide is linked to mental health problems or social issues. They never delve into the who, why and what of the situation. This means debt related deaths can’t be quantified.

Despite the lack of quantitative data, debt and suicide regularly go side by side. Mental health charities, like MIND, work with debt charities to interlink and join up services. The charities are all trained to give expert debt advice and work with mental health charities where appropriate.

Let’s Talk About Suicide

hide-from-debtsFrighteningly suicidal tenancies aren’t discussed. We don’t want to admit we feel weak or powerless. Consequently it’s bottled up. People feel alone. World seems dark. At the lowest point people make decisions they may not have regularly made. But my turning point was sharing what I was thinking with friends and family.

The most important message I could give anyone is DEBT ISN’T WORTH IT!

Whether you’re losing your house, car or other possessions, they are just material items. You will survive debt and go on with your life.

Help for Debt and Suicidal Thoughts

Mental Health

Mind: 0300 123 3393

Sane: 0845 767 8000


Debt Support Trust: 0800 085 0226

Citizens Advice: 08454 04 05 06

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