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As well as writing about finance and debt on a regular basis, I also enjoy reading articles from other finance writers. The content inspires me to write about subjects that I feel everyone already knows about, like, Can you really write off debt? Also, it’s just fun to get finance information from other finance based writers.

Here’s some amazing articles I read this week. Many of them will be from the States, but they’re a great read nonetheless.

Credit Card Debt Is For Losers: I tweeted about this and commented too. It’s a great insight into how self-defined “loser” Kathleen (writer at Frugal Portland) dealt with her debt and some commentary about what debt can do to people.

CareOne Credit Services: Avoid At All Costs: Ed writes about his experience of his wife’s debt management plan and the problems which are associated with medical costs in the US. We’re fortunate for the NHS, despite all the moaning people do! The debt management firms in the US are similar to the UK based on Ed’s comments so everyone should be careful!

Determining the Value of Credit Rewards: It’s off topic and a little different, but Sam is comparing credit cards which provide rewards for using the card. These are perfect cards when you can repay the debt in full every month. The rewards some interesting but an excellent credit history is required.

SavvyScott: Horror Stories of Negligence: A fellow Brit who writes about finance and in this case the amount of money the NHS pays patients for errors. It’s huge and like me I think you’ll be amazed!

Next week I’m going to be reading and expanding the number of personal finance blogs I comment on. Needless to say I’ll share the best articles!


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