Iain Duncan Smith You Muppet!

Keep Your Head Down. You Muppet!

You would expect this week to be a busy week for the Government and in particular, Iain Duncan Smith, but he’s obviously not from this planet.

The Government deliberately launched their new controversial bedroom tax on the 1st April as it’s a bank holiday. As many of us wearily slept in on Monday 1st April, contemplating what to do with our extra day, the Government was implementing new changes which will see millions of people suffer.

Oh Mr Duncan Smith, Bravo.

Well done Iain! Instead of letting this horrific news be released by the BBC and receive minimum exposure, you provided us all with another chapter.

Mr Duncan Smith, work and pensions secretary for the Government said “I could live on £53 per week if I had to”.

Well clearly that sounded like a challenge.

Over 100,000 people have signed a petition for Mr Duncan Smith to take up the challenge of living on just £53 per week. Instead, he earns £134,565 per year. Or, a whopping £2,587 per week.

So, What Happened With Iain Duncan Smith?

On BBC Radio 4, a market trader called David Bennett asked the cabinet minster for the Government if he could live on £53 a week. This is the lowest rate of jobseeker’s allowance money offered to adults under 25.

In fairness, an unemployed adult under 25 would also receive housing and council tax benefit so their rent and council tax would be paid for. However, the question is, with today’s current rising cost of living, could anybody live on £53 per week which is expected to pay for gas, electricity, food, telephone, clothes and other basic essentials. Yes, the telephone may not be considered an essential but before anyone “jumps on the band wagon”, people looking for a job need to be contactable for employers. Let’s remember, line rental alone is £14 per month.

I digress, Mr Iain Duncan Smith responded to the question by saying “If I had to I would”.

I’m Not Sitting On The Fence

I refuse to sit on the fence on this matter.

Unlike the last two recessions over the past 100 years, the thoughts and feelings towards Britain’s unemployed are changing. Those with money are less empathetic towards the needs of the unemployed.

A combination of the London riots, where a large percentage of the individuals involved were unemployed and being ‘kept’ by the State and the media portraying the unemployed as lazy scroungers, has meant public support has weakened for the poor.

We’re all in this together, whether we like it or not. Some of the unemployed who are stuck in limbo because of Iain Duncan Smith’s reforms are our family and friends. And, the “I’m alright Jack approach” shouldn’t be tolerated.


I saw this on facebook recently, very apt.

What Iain Duncan Smith Should Have Done?

The work and pension secretary is carrying out the wishes of the Government and is becoming the face of horrific change. The welfare bill in the UK, according to the Office for Budget Responsibility is set to be £218 billion in 2015-16, despite all the spending cuts that’s up from £216 billion the previous year! Change is required, but it’s not about stimulating growth, no. The Government tactic is to cut the budget and see who survives.

Yes, people should get a job, but there are not enough out there. Yes, people should live in accomodation which meets their needs, but there isn’t enough out there. Yes, Britain is in a mess, but turning ourselves on each other will do no good.

Iain Duncan Smith should have shut his over paid mouth and spent the day in his house, or at least have had some empathy with those people who do want a job, an affordable living based on their means and to be able to pay taxes towards the Government through their salary.

Too often, the unemployed in the UK are described as worthless lay-abouts who want to feast on the Government and take without giving. There are a percentage of people like this, but not everybody. The Government isn’t trying to differentiate between the two. It’s a blanket approach – “Are you unemployed and in receipt of housing benefit?” Yes. “Well, we’re coming for you”.

I only hope I’m not unemployed in the near future. Anybody and everybody in the UK could face the same fate and it’s no good suggesting it won’t happen.

Sign The Petition

Do something worthwhile today and sign the petition to demand Iain Duncan Smith to live on £53 per week. You can sign it here: https://www.change.org/en-GB/petitions/iain-duncan-smith-iain-duncan-smith-to-live-on-53-a-week

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