Thank You

I started Debt Advice Resource on the 9th August 2012. Over the past three months I’ve made some excellent friends and personal finance colleagues and it’s been my pleasure to write on the website.

This is a short thank you to everybody who reads the blog and helps promote our writing around the web. Your support is very much appreciated.

Yakezie Challenge

I originally started writing for myself, however part of the appeal was completing the Yakezie challenge. For those who don’t know, the Yakezie challenge is a 6 month undertaking where a person writing about personal finance will write on their blog about subjects they wish to discuss. Another part of the Yakezie challenge is to promote other members of the Yakezie challenge to support each other.

The challenge is to get your website Alexa ranking to below 200,000. I’m half way in and I’ve went from 2,000,000 to just over 300,000. The last 100,000 is proving difficult but I’m sure over time we’ll get there.

For anybody who has not heard of the Yakezie challenge before, I thoroughly recommend it, especially if you are starting out in writing a finance blog!

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John The Bankruptcy Guy

As an ex-bankrupt, John has experienced the highs and lows of credit. It's with this knowledge that he writes Debt Advice Resource - to help others avoid, or navigate out of, the pitfalls of debt.

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