Tuesday’s Domino’s Day

Is there anybody out there who doesn’t love Domino’s pizza? The fluffy base, the delicious toppings and the smell… woohoo! Heaven! But how much do you love Domino’s pizza? Enough to buy £15 worth of pizza’s every Tuesday? That takes dedication by anyone’s standards.

Every Tuesday is “Two for Tuesday” at Domino’s – two pizzas for the price of one. Pizza and at a discount, where do I sign up?

I Love Domino’s

Heart-shaped-pizza-shotMy favourite Domino’s pizza is a Texas BBQ. The sauce is incredible. From the pizza through to the sides and dessert, Domino’s is one of my favourite take away restaurants. However, I couldn’t eat a Domino’s pizza every Tuesday; that takes dedication!

Steven, one of my closest friend, makes Domino’s Two for Tuesday every week. Shocked, I asked two questions;

1. How can you be soooo skinny?! Domino’s is laced with calories and carbs!

2. How are you not in debt? At £15 per week that’s almost £800 per year on pizza! Steven earns around £22,000 per annum too, which is OK but still a large percentage of money for pizza!

I possibly visit my local Domino’s once every two months. I find that despite the amazing pizzas, the cost is too high, even on Two for Tuesday. I can feed a family of four for three – four nights on the cost of one Domino’s pizza.

The Domino’s brand certainly lends itself to people with high disposable income.

In Debt Because… Of Pizza?

When speaking to Steven about his pizza-love he admitted he would sacrifice certain necessities for a Domino’s every week. For example, I was amazed when he said he delayed paying his gas bill so he could afford his pizza.

Dominos-PizzaWhen did pizza become more important than gas? Heating your property and being able to cook for the rest of the week is one of those vital necessities every family needs. His view was that the gas company would just send a reminder and he’d pay it next week, when he got paid again. In today’s modern society I understand personal finance problems and debt to credit cards, but there are essential expenditures which are priority. These priority expenditures include:

  • Rent  or Mortgage
  • Council tax
  • Gas/ Electricity
  • Clothes
  • Food

Eating is vital to survival. I try to save as much as possible at the supermarket and i’m amazed at the savings I achieve. There’s nothing better than getting a bargain at the supermarket and finishing the month under budget with a slight saving. I couldn’t sleep knowing the gas wouldn’t be paid because I had to have a Domino’s pizza.

The worldwide Domino’s brand is raking in the profits with half year profits in February of £11.6 million. The cost per share is 589 pence today so the company success is healthy, unlike my friend Steven with his weekly calorific intake.

Food Is A Priority. Domino’s Is a Luxury

I don’t care what anybody says, Domino’s pizza is a luxury. I love their warm, hotly delivered pizza arriving at my door, or going into collect it, but it has to be considered as a luxury item at £15 per pizza.

For £15 I can go to the supermarket and buy

  • Bread
  • Milk
  • Eggs
  • Chicken breast (for a curry or roast dinner)
  • Potatoes
  • Pasta
  • Sauces
  • Spaghetti bolognese

This would pay for 3 or 4 weekly dinners, at least, for a family of 4.

What do you think?

What is your monthly luxury? Would you spend £15 on a pizza or are you a Domino’s lover too and spend more? Give us your thoughts and as always, please share with friends, there’s no right answers, just great conversation!

Thanks for reading.


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