5 Ways to Save Money Around the House

I don’t know about you, but my house costs a lot to manage every month. I often think about what I could do with all that money if I didn’t have to pay to live. The  savings of mortgage/ rent, gas, electricity, council tax and more mean I’d be a wealthy man! It got me thinking about ways I could save money around the house.

However, these are all priorty for myself and my family to survive. But there is something we can all do to save money. Our expensive expenditure can be trimmed while maintaining our lifestyle.

5 Money Saving Ideas for the House

I whipped out my bank statements, took a gander down the list and thought about ways I could save money. My mortgage is fixed for 3 years so I can’t move. However, we’re leaking about 10% of our income of the essentials, so what can we do to fix the problem?

Superhero-money-supermarketGas / Electricity:

The vital energy fuel to heat and light our house continues to increase. There’s two options here to help save money including comparing my gas and electricity and getting a better deal. I realise my gas and electricity are with different companies and not on direct debit too. We can get a joint discount by using the same company for both gas and electricity. Also, there’s another discount for paying by direct debit!

===============================> Saving Money Hero

Our consumption for gas and electricity is madness. I’m truly shocked at the bills. When I look at the number of rooms in our house with radiators turned up full and lights on while nobody is in the room, it’s terrible. I’m becoming a lights and heating monitor for the house! My family groan, but I want to see how much money we can save.


I love food, as I’ve written before. We all know I love going to the supermarket. However, the receipts don’t lie – we don’t budget well. I’ve written a list of shopping and we’ve already started saving money by buying in bulk and shopping around. The supermarket we use isn’t the cheapest, so we’re shopping in different places.

Penny Jar:

Those pesky pennies need to be put in their place… a penny jar is great idea! I’ve just started a jar at work and in the house for my loose change. I’m startled at the amount which can be saved.

Satellite TV: 

I can’t remember the last time I watch a movie on my satellite TV. Yet, somehow I’m paying £16 per month! I phoned my TV provider to cancel and got a 50% discount for 6 months on ALL my TV channels. I’ll take that. I said I would cancel later but they’ve said that’s fine. I rarely have time to watch TV and my family is the same, so why spend over a thousand pound on the TV every year?

Council tax: Many people who live alone don’t realise they are applicable for a 25% discount on their council tax. This is a considerable saving across a year. With council tax roughly equating to 10% of a family expenditure, it’s a saving that can make a difference.

Single parents with children qualify for a single person discount. You have to apply for the discount yourself; the council won’t automatically assume you qualify for the saving. To get the discount, ask your local council to send out a discount form. Once you complete the discount form and return it you can  expect a new payment request to be sent out.

Save Money Around the House!

Whether it’s less take-away food or saving on the essentials, there are always cost savings to be had around the home. I’m finding as many as I can. What cost savings work for you?

I’ll report back on my cost savings!

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