Care Home Fees: It Just Get’s My Goat!

I fear the days when I get old, wrinkly and elderly. I can’t imagine what that day will be like, however, I for one am not looking forward to it! If I’m in a care home, I’m sure it will be the best place for me. In the room next to me will be other retired and elderly people. Yet, before I get to enjoy my retirement in a care home, I plan to have paid off my property so I can leave it to my children. Under new Government changes to care home fees, my plans may have to change and I’m not happy about it one bit.

Care Home Fees in the UK

I aim to have my property repaid by the time I’m 65 – just in time to retire. Hopefully I’ll have another 10 years of living independently thereafter. If I have to enter a care home then so be it.

I hope to leave my property to my children as an inheritance. But, if I have to enter a care home then I will be forced to sell my property to pay for the care.

Just to clarify, I have no problem with this and I’m not on the hunt for a freebie from the Government, yet it’s not an equal system. Some people can get free care, to the same standard, where others have to sell their assets to cover the costs.

Unfair Care Home Fees

The Government wants people to pay towards their own care if they are capable of doing so. I presumed I’d have to pay something towards the costs so had budgeted a saving plan for such an occassion. On further investigation I was wrong, very wrong.

I can’t just pay a certain amount towards my care. The Government want my house. When I die, the Government will then sell my house and take up to £72,000 towards my care bill. Assuming I die first, my wife would have to leave the property so the Government can take their share.

Anybody who works in the UK to repay their mortgage can almost expect to lose it, should they need care in their latter years. If you’ve spent your life on the benefits system, not paid into becoming financially prepared, then you can expect to get the same standard of care, but lose nothing.

The Conservative Government in the UK claims to be rewarding people for taking financial responsibility of their own life. However in the later years we can expect to lose the things we’ve worked for while people who haven’t made any effort lose nothing.

My Care Home Proposal

There has to be a tangible difference for people who are giving up their share of their family home and those who enter the same care home, in the next room, get the same care but forfeit nothing.

As a developed nation I don’t wish to see the poor left on the street to die. My proposal is simple. There is a sliding scale of care. Anybody using their own money should be given a higher standard of care e.g. 1 nurse to 10 patients, for example. In a state paid for care home, the standard of care may be 1 nurse to 20 patients.

I don’t encourage a society founded on selfish behaviour but it’s likely to become a real issue, unless it’s addressed properly. Already I’m looking at alternatives, as many others have done!

Protecting a House from Care Home Fees

There are routes to protect assets from the Government taking them to pay for care home fees. The process requires the asset to be written into Trust. This means that the asset is managed by somebody else and the Government can’t consider this as an asset of the elderly resident.

The Trust will specifically detail what’s to happen to the house and guarantee the Government can’t take the asset. The asset will still remain under the control of the person entering the residential property, however it will be protected.

It may seem like a sneaky way to avoid care home fees, but it’s a loophole hundreds of thousands are exploiting.

It’s a hot topic. What do you think?

Should people pay for their own care if they can, even if others get the same care for free? Should you be able to protect assets from the Government so they can’t take them? That means the state will bare the financial burden for any care. People who pay tax will inevitably be paying for the care. Does this mean people with assets, who have also worked, are paying for their own care and the care of others?


P.s. Apologies for the depressing subject – it just really gets my goat!

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