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When debt comes-a-knockin’ there’s only really one question to answer “how am I getting out of this?”Debt paralyzes people and they just want to get debt free. This important element is getting debt free advice, and quickly. Hesitation, through fear, worry and panic can get the better of people, meaning the debt simply increases. 


The first stop, seek advice.

Getting Debt Free

Stopping the financial hamster wheel isn’t easy. The fear of the unknown is what keeps people motivated to continue and repay their debts. This isn’t the best option for anyone and advice on getting debt free should be sought.

In order to become debt free people need advice from a qualified and professional debt advice agency. I recommend charities because they are not for profit and frankly, the best!

Face to face advice

You can get face to face advice on debt and money problems from a debt charity. I recommend the Citizens Advice which provides an excellent level of advice and support. The Citizens Advice Bureau advisor will listen to your problems and give honest advice.

There are 21,500 advisors across the UK for the Citizens Advice and they help hundreds of thousands of people annually. From anything including benefit problems through to serious debt worries, the Citizens Advice Bureau can sit down and give practical advice.

The Citizens Advice is a Government funded service and operates on a not for profit basis. You can find your local CAB office through this link-

Telephone debt advice

There are debt charities which offer telephone debt help. The telephone debt advice can be a preferred route because there’s no eye contact and the telephone charities are open longer than face to face. There’s also no appointment system with a telephone service, just pick up the phone and talk to a debt advisor.

The telephone advisors for charities will discuss all the appropriate debt options and how you can enter each of these. A telephone charity will provide every available option to help get you out your debt problems.

Online debt advice

Other debt charities will offer internet or online debt advice. The online route can be slower than face to face or telephone but it’s an anonymous route to get help. It also means a person can think about the questions they want to ask in greater depth.

You would email a debt advice charity and then they would email you back.

You can get online debt advice by emailing or completing the form:

Different Debt Advice Options

The various routes to getting debt advice doesn’t matter, the most important factor is getting the necessary advice. You can seek debt help via telephone, Internet or telephone and get guidance on the right route out of debt. Most people fear asking for help, but a problem shared is a problem halved.

After getting debt advice and knowing debt solutions exist, people sleep better at night, despite the debt problem not being fully resolved.

Getting help isn’t easy, far from it, but getting debt advice to become debt free is vital. Get free debt advice today from a charity and live life the way it was intended – debt free!

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