Life, Oh Life, OHHHH LIFE

Life isn’t designed to be easy, I guess I don’t believe it’s designed to be anything. We have the choice over what we do with our time and who we become. In many circumstances which are often outwith our control, we can be driven down one path and struggle to get back. This was my experience of personal finance. When the wheels of debt are set in motion it’s often difficult to apply the brakes and reverse the situation.

Life In Debt

I expect most people live within their means. It’s when the means change that problems can occur. Do we all have a contingency plan? What if the situation gets really bad, how prepared do we need to be?

Actually, I think contingency planning is only valuable, but it isn’t fool proof. We can take every affordable precaution and still encounter financial problems. I’ve never met anybody who aspired to live a life in debt. It often happens to people who are not prepared, people who face a change in their financial circumstances or have overstretched themselves to reach their next personal goal.

We aspire to live a wealthy and comfortable life and yet this aspiration can often be the downfall. By striving for greatness we can veer off in the wrong direction and land up in the ditch. But, should we not try to better ourselves for fear of failure? Unemployment is a fear we all have but for many they never face this prospect. So, should we never consider the impact or losing our employment?

I think it’s about taking conservative risks. Value the positives against the negatives and take an educated decision. In the past I never thought I’d be unemployed for over a year, so I didn’t weigh up the true impact of my financial choices. In hindsight, that’s foolish.

Life gets in the way of many financial choices we take. I haven’t had a chance to write for the blog for months due to life; it got in the way. I fell behind my target of completing the Yakezie challenge and it’s disappointing but I’m going to keep writing and only write when I feel I have something to say. I’ll never complete the challenge, but I’m weighing up the pros and cons to realise that I’m not writing the blog to beat the challenge, it’s just a focus which keeps me on a path. I’m excited by the prospect of sharing financial news and stories with other people and interacting with fellow financial friends from all walks of life.

I’m conservatively managing my finances and my time for the blog. I can’t write like other personal finance writers. Some of these incredible writers spend hours, or days even, researching posts and translating their findings for us. I’ve tried it and it’s not for me. I’d have to give up too much family time. I’m conservatively managing my expectations on Debt Advice Resource too.

Let’s just enjoy life and share what we can!

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As an ex-bankrupt, John has experienced the highs and lows of credit. It's with this knowledge that he writes Debt Advice Resource - to help others avoid, or navigate out of, the pitfalls of debt.

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