Maggie Thatcher Funeral: £10million

What will your funeral cost? I’m sure it won’t cost £10million. I’m also sure that you or your family will have to fork out to pay for it. Well, not in this instance. Tomorrow, Mrs Thatcher, ex- Conservative Prime Minister AKA the Iron Lady was in charge of the British Government from 1979 to 1992. During this time the country was at war internationally and domestically, although for vastly different reasons.

The History of Margaret Thatcher

Margaret Thatcher came into power in 1979 when the UK economy was in horrific condition. Employment, according to the Government, topped 3 million in 1982 and inflation was at 16%. The UK was going through a change in economic policy, from Keynesianism to Monetarism. In doing so the UK Government wanted the flow of money to increase and “jump-start” the economy.

The belief that we could boost life back into the UK economy meant that the Government could no longer control and retain all of our assets. Industries like gas and electricity were privatised, people could purchase their own council properties and industries were sold off almost overnight. The UK was bankrupt, in effect, and we were being made to sell our assets undervalue. However, it meant the risk was spread between private industry and the Government. This wasn’t well received by Unions as job losses were inevitable and people protested against the industry changes.

Internationally, Margaret Thatcher took the UK to the Falklands where we fought to defend a British island. But, not a British Island in the channel or the North Sea, a British Island in Argentina. Strangely, we found the money to start a war.

The Maggie Thatcher Funeral

Whether you love or loathe Maggie Thatcher she was in power for a considerable period of time. On one side she cost jobs and caused tremendous heartache of thousands, however on the other hand the economy was already is dire straights and required severe action. If it wasn’t her it would have been somebody else.

Overall, I respect Margaret Thatcher and what she did for the UK, however I say that as somebody who was not affected by her actions.

What I can’t tolerate is the waste of £10 million for her funeral. It’s public money being wasted in my opinion. We’re praising a politician for doing their job and spending £10 million doing so. I read an infographic (below) this week which sums it up.


Margaret Thatcher requested a state funeral paid for out the UK purse. We are almost as fiscally challenged now as we were when Thatcher was in power and back then she cut jobs and spent thriftily. The Thatcher of Old would never have spent £10 million on one funeral. The riots and street protesters prove there’s an element of unrest about this decision. It’s a poor decision by the Government.

How do we decide who gets a funeral paid for by the country? Shouldn’t a surgeon who saves lives get a funeral paid for by the Government? Unemployment is still above target, so could this money not be used to help meet current economic challenges?

I believe Margaret Thatcher helped the economy and Britain during her time in power, but should we be spending money we don’t have on a funeral we can little afford?

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    “State” funerals are very expensive! I don’t know why they need to do this, maybe it is a thank you for their service or regular people want to attend or it is just expected. Maybe they should not use public funds.

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