Top Finance Articles This Week

I’m reading a large number of finance blogs from around the world and I have already found my favourites. However, I’ve expanded my network to read more new and exciting articles. Other finance bloggers have got impressive writing skills, which, simply by reading their articles, has improved my own skill set.

What Impresses Me?

I like to read controversial or topical content which takes an existing problem and opens the door to discussion. Many people may debate over the recent SSE price increase however, my view isn’t about who’s right or wrong – both points are valid. The critical element is what it’s doing to our economy and consumers.

Many finance journalists have a unique view of a situation and can deliver an exciting and thought provoking debate on a wide range of topics surrounding money.

Top Articles I Read This Week

These are a handful of excellent posts to be impressed with this week. I’d highly recommend taking 20 minutes to have a read at these blogs:

Net Worth from Edward Antrobus: What I loved about Ed’s article is his honest approach. Readers of my blog will undoubtedly sympathise with Ed’s predicament. We’re trying to pay off debts and move forward financially, however, there are unexpected road blocks which make life seem like a struggle. An honest and transparent financial summary which is a lesson to us all in financial management – cheers Ed!

Salvation Army from Frugal Portland: I was amazed to read about the Salvation Army and their views. It was a bold approach by Kathleen as many people love the Salvation Army but she conveyed her opinions on the matter using facts and succinctly won me over.

Help to Buy Scheme from SavvyScot: The changes in the UK will help people get on the mortgage market. Personally I think it could over inflate the market, however, I think for anyone interested in the scheme this is the perfect starting point.

Debt Collectors from Debt RoundUp: While debt collectors in the UK can apply different techniques, the article by Debt Round Up explains the acute world of debt collecting. The practices of “selling on the debt” can help you to understand the debt collection model and the 4 tips are brilliant.

Changing Finances from AllThingsFinance: Catherine writes about how by taking control of her finances her life got better. By being in control we feel happier within ourselves. From personal experience, Catherine’s article definitely reminded me of my own situation and that with better preparation of my finances I could have a different perspective on life.


I believe targets are healthy when it comes to improving my reading. I’ve always wanted to learn more about the investing side of money and on the Yakezie network there are some fantastic writers focussed on making money!

By reading (and learning!) more about finance investing I doubt I’ll ever gamble with my hard earned disposable income, but it’ll give me a better understanding of the concept of using money to make money within the investing world.

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